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TV Debut

Hi fellow shooters, just want to let you know my Eastenders debut is broadcast on Thursday 1st December on BBC 1 at 7.30pm. If you get a chance to see it, let me know what you think, cheers afia x

  • Congratulations, Afia! That's great.

    1 year ago
  • That's great Afia. We'll done.

    1 year ago
  • That's brilliant, well done :)

    1 year ago
  • Thanks for the support :)

    1 year ago
  • Super job :)

    1 year ago
  • Thanks very much for the support guys. I got it through the BBC directors room scheme tjis year. I've now been taken on the rosta of directors by the show. It was a fantastic scheme, and if you are interested in the directing TV drama you can't get a better start. I urge all my fellow shooters who direct to apply. The application isn't too complicated and you never know!

    You don't need to have done TV before, but you need to know the show you are applying for. I got an interview with just my short film and my pitch. Knowing the show got me through the 2 interviews and the directing test.

    When I get a chance I'll write a piece based on my experience of the scheme if fellow shooters would find it useful. Thanks afia 😃

    1 year ago
  • Thanks for the additional info Afia. I'm sure there's lots of people here who would very much appreciate learning from your experience.

    It's not only BBC who have schemes like this. A friend of mine launched a successful career from a similar platform directing many episodes of Hollyoaks. It's these long running soaps that have launched many a career on both sides of the camera.

    1 year ago
  • Afia, I think a lot of people will read your piece with great interest :)

    1 year ago
  • Would love to hear your experience of the scheme Afia. I've just applied for the New Directors scheme for Doctors this year, and I'm waiting to hear if I've got an interview......eek!

    1 year ago
  • Well done.
    Quick question. Do different directors make much difference to the show? Isn't it all scripted and worked according to some pre-existing template? I'm not sure how these soap operas work and perhaps there's room for creativity within it.
    Good luck with it!

    1 year ago
  • Woow, I am really glad to hear that. Congratulations and keep moving forward. Thank you for also sharing your experience with the BBC Directors scheme. I would love to hear more about your experience.
    All the best with everything. You are doing great..!!

    1 year ago
  • Hey Afia,

    Did you get a chance to write about your experience on the scheme? It would be really interesting to hear more about it.

    Xenia x

    1 year ago
    • Hi Xenia ,
      Sorry about the delay. I have finally got round to setting up a blog FILMMAKER A and as promised have posted a little piece about becoming a TV director on Eastenders. Click on BlOG at my website. Here is the

      I have recently finished my first block of Eastenders which is out on BBC 1 easter week, on Tuesday 11th April, Thursday 13th April and Good Friday 14th April evenings.
      I hope you find the blog useful and am happy to answer any questions.

      1 year ago
  • Hi everyone,

    Sorry for the delay I've been filming. I have finally got round to setting up a blog FILMMAKER A and as promised I've written a little blog piece on becoming a TV director. Click on BLOG at my website. Here is the link:

    My latest episodes are broadcast this week on BBC 1: Tuesday 11th April, Thursday 13th April and Good Friday 14th April.

    Kelly, I talk about the BBC new directors' scheme, so hopefully will give you some insights. I hope you got an interview! :)

    Hi David, because there aren't any producers Eastenders, each director and their editor is responsible for the scripts from second draft to shooting script. So as a director you have a lot of input for how each script turns out in your block (usually 4 episodes)

    If you get to know the show well, you can usually tell the difference between directors especially those who are really good with working with writers and trouble shooting at script stage.

    If anyone else has any questions, i'm happy to answer them. Happy easter :)

    1 year ago
    • That was great thank you :) Feel free to expand with more and more detail - detail, those silly little things you hadn't thought of but surprised you, are often what are the most helpful and inspiring!

      1 year ago
  • I know a few directors who started out doing things like Eastenders and The Bill and have now gone on to do big budget drama for BBC, ITV, Netflix, Starz etc. Its a good training ground. :)

    1 year ago