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Expenses only job posts

I've not got a problem with expenses only job listings. I get it. Filmmaking is expensive. I've had lots of people work for no pay on my no-budget projects and I've done lots of free work for other people.

But... if you've posted an advert for 'expenses only' yet when I click on that persons profile page and it says on the flipside they only accept 'paid work only' I don't think that's very fair. It should be a two way street.

  • That makes sense, but it doesn't take the full picture into account. Why I put "paid work only" on my profile is I don't want to be approached by people who can't be bothered to write a job post. I occasionally volunteer on a project, after reading a description. Or, more usually, I'll get involved before funding is in place.

    Why I put "expenses only" on my job posts is, as in the description, I sometimes gather a team together before funding is in place. A lot of funding depends on a team. And, even if the job is well paid, Shooting People won't let you post it unless you make the salary transparent.

    (I've tried to describe "above the line" before, but many people here didn't seem to get it. Read the late William Goldman's excellent book to see how teams are assembled.)

    So, I only publish job posts that I'd apply to myself.

    11 months ago
  • Depends on what the role is... For a director, producer or editor for example the amount of work/time required on a short film is not the same as it is for a runner, soundie or make-up. Also, pre-existing relationships matter, but above all it really helps when there is something exciting about the work being made.

    11 months ago