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Shooting People
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Edinburgh Int. Film Festival 2020

I'm thinking about submitting a feature film to EIFF and wondering if any Shooters have been to the festival and whether the festival has a habit of showcasing ultra-low budget feature films.

  • Ive put a few films in that festival over the years ok 2012 but i didnt have an issue as long as you ad good pictures so the fest can promote it a short and sweet synopsis also a good press pact make it easy for the festival to read it and make it simple for them to read remember short and sweet rather than huge SA style detail and you should be ok , ive found poor sound or poor quality image doesn't help , do a test screening in a cinema or screening room if you can and test it out before submitting anything you want a festival to watch , portobello film fest is perfect as they screen almost everything subscribed which is great way yo see your film and see what the audience reacts too , smaller festivals im not sure about we got our zero budget feature film “when london sleeps it came alive” mocumentary in a few small free comedy festivals in the usa but not tried
    any big festivals in the uk with it
    What i have found is getting them in the big festivals does get distubutors interested rather than small festivals , we got are zero budget feature the dark hunter a distribution deal after it was screened in canada !

    12 months ago
  • @johnnie thanks. I was thinking of sending in a viewing copy with a stereo dub as we're still short of funds for 5.1.

    12 months ago