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Nightpiece Film Festival (Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2019)

Hello Shooters,

Got a short film? Submissions are now open for the 6th Annual Nightpiece Film Festival which runs this August in the Edinburgh Festival Fringe. We've screened over 250+ films since 2014 from production teams across the world.

In 2019 we are once again be looking for exceptional short film submissions. Nightpiece is a perfect starting point to showcase your work. Every year we have premiered films that have gone on to many other festivals across the world. Recent examples of films that began their festival runs at Nightpiece include Charlotte Bydwell's 'The Nude Model' (2018), Keith Farrell's 'Rabbit Punch' (2017), Ross Adgar's 'The Railway Carriage' (2015) and Dan Sunley's 'Pieces' (2016).

You can find full information on the link below. Earlybird deadline is 1st April so get submitting!

keep filming,

Al Carretta
Director, Nightpiece Film Festival

  • If anyone's planning to go up to Edinburgh in the summer, I really recommend going along to the festival. I went last year and there was a fab collection of shorts.

    9 months ago