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Any Creative People in Liverpool/North West!

Hey all!

I'm a Videographer from Bristol and I've recently secured my first full time job after finishing university. I am relocating to Liverpool in the coming weeks but don't know many people there and wondered if any of you are from around the North West and would be interested in meeting up on weekends to shoot stuff.

Equally if there are any writers or creative requiring a Videographer I'd happily help out with stuff too!

Cheers :)

  • Hi, I'm in Chester which isn't too far away at all. I've got a few short-short scripts etc if you're interested in creating stuff.

    6 months ago
    • Hey dude! Yeah that's not far at all. I'd be down to collaborate on weekends in the coming months for sure. I'm still in Bristol right now and just packing all of my stuff up but really appreciate the response so once I'm settled I'll hit you up :)

      6 months ago
    • @George Whitlow
      Cool, let me know when you're around.

      6 months ago
  • Hiya George- I'm a Manchester-based writer and I would definitely be up for meeting up and shooting at weekends. Let me know when are settled and I'll send you some short scripts. Good luck with the move! (I'm a Bristolian as it happens!)

    6 months ago
    • Hey Leah! That sounds rad, I’ll keep you posted, hopefully moving in just under two weeks so if all goes well I’ll be in contact very soon :) always nice to meet a fellow Bristolian haha

      6 months ago