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Which casting site works well for actors.

I have just rejoined SP which along with Shooting People has been a favourite of mine over the years.

Budgetary factors are always a big consideration, but I am thinking of signing up to another site and have just seen that Casting Call Pro appears to have been absorbed by Mandy. This may be old news to most but it is news to me and I wonder if this means it is now a good site to join with perhaps the benefit of combined resources?

I understand that Casting Call Pro chose which jobs actors could apply for so that actors could not apply for jobs directly. Is this the same under the merged organisation?

From an old discussion, about 5 years ago, I can see that actors also liked Casting Networks, Castcall and the Page.

What are your favourites just now?

All the best


  • Sorry, it's a rainy Sunday and I am sleepy. I meant to say SP and Spotlight are my favourites not SP and SP, though of course I do very much like SP :-)

    2 years ago
  • I’ve used StarNow for casting my

    2 years ago
  • Hi Jimi,

    We have a significant number of casting opportunities posted daily on the SP website. If you go to Production > Get Work, you'll find the latest posts.

    Good luck with your search!

    2 years ago