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Shooting People
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Partial funding for a short film.

Hey guys this January we're going to be hosting another film networking event called Cine Circle but besides film networking we've got an amazing pitch competition taking place! You can apply online to be able to pitch your short film idea to the audience for a chance to receive:

1. £200 cash

2. A full course and consultations on gathering funding for your film through crowdfunding worth £500

3. Lighting equipment hire worth £30/day for the days of your shoot



  • Has anyone yet been excited by this competition?

    10 months ago
    • Hi John, I would go but I am actually not in the UK on the pitch date. I have asked to be included on the Next one if there is one. £200 is a small prze, but if the idea grows maybe the pot will. Raindance do a pitch comp where the pot varies but is about the same value. The lighting prize sounds very low but crowdfunding help maybe of use. It sounds as if it is aimed at real beginners. It’s not exciting but interesting.

      9 months ago
  • Hey guys, just to clarify, the winner will win all three of the above not just one. The £200 is more of a prize as it is very low to consider funding for the film. The crowdfunding consultations would teach how to raise anywhere from 5-20k for a short film project with a committed team though :) Hope to see you there!

    9 months ago