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How to choose sound recordist?

Hi, how do you choose a good sound recordist for your project? I need one for my shortmovie but I have no idea which criteria I have to use to select one. Thank You!

  • As sound recordist probably not the most objective person to answer but my thoughts having done role for a few years now is:
    1. Get personal recommendations where possible - poor sound can screw up a lot of great work!
    2. Enquire about both their sound kit used and general experience - the first will save you costs on kit hire (even if you have to pay them a hire fee) and second to understand the types of work the recordist has done. Shooting People Profile helps but may not tell full story. Asking a sound guy for show reel given how much happens in Editing & Post not too helpful but seeing a few recent examples of work can tell you a lot.
    3. Share the script (even if not locked down) and ask for input and feedback as to what suggestions they might have plus challenges they see on the shoot in prepping.Ideally a sound guy attending key location recces can save you a lot of angst on shoot days when time is at a premium
    4. Ensure there will be liaison between DoP and Sound pre-shoot plus on shoot. Also if you have an AD (or if not as the director) listen if the sound recordist asks for lines/wild tracks/atmos audio during the shoot. Can save you a lot of time in Post!

    Best of luck!

    1 year ago
  • I have used several good sound recordists on SP. Some came from personal recommendations, but they also happen to be on SP.

    Coming from the music industry I can say that the final sound on a any reel also has much to do with how it was mixed re-recorded in a professional recording studio by an engineer who knows broadcast and film sound protocols.

    I would always recommend your actors be personally mic'd with lavalier mics as well as the booms. Most sound guys will have a good recorder and boom, but you'll have to rent the lavalieres which are reasonable to rent.

    A brief conversation between your recordist and your final mix engineer should happen for being on the same page for the deliverable sound.

    You should be able to find some good people here.

    1 year ago
  • Thanks guys!

    12 months ago