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Shooting People
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I would love to hear some feedback for my Video Reel!

Dear Shooters,

Could you please take a moment to watch and give me some feedback for my Video Reel?

All the camera work, sound and editing are done by me and I would love to hear what I could improve on it.

Kindest Regards


& Happy New Year

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  • Beautiful photography, stunning colours and captures the spirit very well. My only distraction was the fast paced use of wipes at the start from one scene to another, as the video progressed it settled down allowing you more time to see what was on screen, at the beginning it seemed a little bit too fast to take it all in.

    2 weeks ago
  • Hi Gary,

    Thanks a lot for your feedback, I am glad you’ve mentioned that because I was a bit uncertain myself! I hope you’ve enjoy it!

    Kindest Regards

    2 weeks ago
  • !

    1 day ago