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Shooting People
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J&R Casting services for independant filmmakers

Hi guys

For Independent film makers out there (Amateur & Professional), If you are looking for any casting services, we can negotiate a good deal with you on prices/fees

We have access to Spotlight, Cast It and a wealth of contacts.

Get in touch and best of luck to you all!

Jack Stanton
Casting Director
Twitter: @jackandrobcast


  • Hi Jack,

    Thanks for this, do you provide spaces for castings too? Or would the filmmakers have to hire a casting studio etc.

    It would be great to hear your thoughts on this thread about casting spaces in London:

    Xenia x

    2 years ago
    • Hi Xenia.

      Unfortunately our own studios are too busy to hire out however... there are several spaces you can use.

      Your best bet is probably Spotlight Studios, as you are provided with uploading services, a camera and script printing.

      Give them a call as you may be able to strike a deal

      2 years ago