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Actors to collaborate with

Hi All!

I've been working on my acting portfolio for a while now and think it's time to finally get myself a showreel! To do this, I'm looking for two people to collaborate with of playing age 20-35 over the summer. I've spoken to a few companies who are happy to let me spilt the cost of this with the collaborators.

I'm after one outdoor period/fantasy scene (nothing too over the top), one café/bar scene and one in a domestic setting, all with different moods/objectives, and I'm totally open to your needs too! I haven't looked at scripts yet and think I want to get to that stage once I have found other actors to collaborate with.

Please send me a message if you would like to connect and explore this together.


  • Hi Indroneel,

    thanks for your post! The best way to find actors for your showreel would be through posting in Production > Get Cast.

    Best of luck!

    Colm @ SP

    3 weeks ago
  • I am interested. just a quick questions... who are you planning to hire to shoot the showreel? Would love to connect I am a very passionate actor.

    2 weeks ago
  • Hey Indroneel! Would be interested too, am currently looking to get a lighter showreel scene in my reel, closer to comedy than drama. Would you be interested in that?

    2 weeks ago