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Doc Makers Map

I just attended Sheffield Doc/Fest and there was a lot of talk of "getting your foot in the door" and "just pick up a camera and shoot something" I thought it would be really helpful to make a UK wide map of different art/community centres, media outlets, charities where it is inexpensive to borrow equipment. I was lucky enough to get volunteer cameramen and free gear to make my first short doc, but not many have those opportunities, or if they do, might not be aware of them. A map of facilities where you can most cheaply (or better yet, freely) start self shooting would be great for first time filmmakers as well as doc makers. Anyone got suggestions to stick on the map?

  • How did you get on with the map? That would be very useful for a young aspiring documentary maker like me

    1 year ago
    • Not great, unfortunately :( I got one suggestion for Liverpool places and that's pretty much it. It was shared by Sheffield Doc/fest on Twitter and I posted it on Hiive as well, to no reply.

      It's very frustrating b/c it could be so valuable to low/no budget filmmakers (of all genres) and I don't have the energy to track down these places myself. That's why I wanted to do it like a crowdsourced thing and then put the pieces together.

      If I have more time next year I can try and find some places in the major UK cities, but even then that kind of defeats the purpose of making it as accessible as possible and not just centralising it to London/Birmingham/Manchester/Glasgow. It's sadly slipped down my priorities as the moment, but I definitely want to get this done sometime in the future.
      Thanks :)

      1 year ago
  • Thanks for responding and for your efforts. I understand how your priorities are now reshuffled. If you need a hand next year hit me up I might be able to give you a hand

    1 year ago
    • Thanks! I'm still open for suggestions of low cost rental facilities, and then I can draw them up next year. If you know any, let me know :)

      1 year ago
  • Tied in with this issue, I published a guide (web & print) earlier this year, titled The Camera Map. One of the aims was to build a resource for newbie filmmakers of all the ways to get hold of cameras, retail and rental. Check the site at This year I hope to expand the site greatly, and I really would appreciate input, suggestion and critique from Shooters, be it doc makers or otherwise.

    1 year ago