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Do you have a favourite commercial?

Commercials are often a bit bland, but there have been some belters in the past. Typically a director has a short time to engage the audience and show off the 'character' of a product in an engaging way. It focusses the storytelling down to its bare bones, and when done well will create some brand interest.

Do you have a standout commercial? One you've seen that's stayed with you? What made it special?

I offer this - (St George/Blackcurrant Tango/HHCL)
(youtube low quality)
(framestore high quality)

I love this for the 'Whoa what did I just watch' element, it's technically brilliant, somewhat cheeky, and considering at the time it was launched it was just about unheard of for an advert to run for 90s as ITV slots were so expensive (and only 90s of adverts every 15 mins). This only ran 10 times on TV, but stuck with me for a couple of decades...

  • My favorite is the 6 minute Johnny Walker commercial with Robert Carlyle.

    5 years ago
    • Hi Dan
      Would Johnnie Walker be happy to walk out of the UK?

      5 years ago
  • All time favourites include Trebor Mints Mr Soft: - that song gets stuck in my head all the time.

    I was also reminded of the 'chocks away' mcnugget ad recently - very unsettling:

    And Jonathan Glazer's banned Flake advert is a new fave:

    Yep, any kitsch, weird food-based ad does it for me, although I'd like to say for the record that I don't remember the last time I ate a mcnugget, a flake or a softmint

    5 years ago
  • That Johnny Walker one must have taken a few takes...expertly done to make it look so effortless. Only potential wipe point I could see at first glance would be the pub door, and that's early on... And Robbie Carlyle - always a very engaging actor. I'd love to see him double-heading something with Chris Ecclestone.

    The flake ad - that was pretty cool, it had the makings of a great ad by catching the attention for something other than a product demo (instead going for the product's character) and not obsessing on the packshot. I liked it.

    On the other hand, for a slice of pure 80's - //shudders//

    5 years ago
  • The 'Links' golf add currently screening is great. Very well acted. I always look forward to The Orange film adds encouraging you to turn your mobile off. Shame they can't do one for eating popcorn loudly through an entire film.....

    5 years ago
  • The Haribo ad always makes me laugh. The one where the adults speak with children's voices.Especially the one around the boardroom table. The actors are brilliant.

    5 years ago
  • My personal favourite is the Honda Cog Ad, for the Accord. Partly because they only used parts for the car itself.

    5 years ago
  • One of my favourite is 'What else' with George Clooney but not all of them! The one when he missed the piano falling from the top floor.

    5 years ago
  • of the current crop and being a soccer fan - the Barclays Premier League 'thank you' ad. It says it all and know I will be that old man.

    5 years ago
  • The 'Brian' ads aren't my favourite, but it's one of the best turnarounds - their old adverts used to send me screaming into the other room, so bad was the tune they bastardised... I think the recent British Airways ad is really nice, mainly down to the match cuts - the cloud/mousse one catches me every time! Second the Haribo ads :)

    5 years ago
  • Huge fan of much can be said in so few seconds. It is a true art to be able to say so much in so little time. Recently got into commercials myself, would love to make it more of my career.

    Some personal Faves:

    The Honda 'Do More New'
    Director: Sam Brown

    The Independent 'Litany'
    Director: Rob Sanders

    Jonny Walker 'Striding Man'
    Director: Rob Sanders

    Calvin Klien 'Downtown'
    Director: David Fincher

    All masterpieces!

    5 years ago
  • The Barclays Premier one is a nice ad - obviously well shot etc, but still has a real human-level narrative and very effective.

    I'm not bowled over by monochrome ads - rather when they're shot using the same colour HD kit we all use, but then graded down. To me it feels a bit of a cop-out compared with using mono stock and lighting/makeup especially for black and white production (eg green lipstick, etc).

    Brian made me smile - a lot more engaging than their previous ads, however will it be as effective? The old ads were horrible, horrible but made the brand memorable. Like those flamin' Meerkats do. Now that is an inspired bit of branding!

    5 years ago
  • Has to be the Ferris Bueller Superbowl Ad for Honda CRV' Also still love the original Like to Teach the World to Sing Coca Cola advert and the follow up they filmed in Liverpool (which was an event that first got me interesting in making film and the technology of film lighting). I love the fact that the original Apple Big Brother advert was actually a prediction of what Apple was to become. Used to love the Ads they used to show in the US to trail Moonlighting (showing my age). When it comes to making the most use of the medium I think Sony had it pegged with their exploding colour ads which when viewed on a decent TV were just magnificent

    5 years ago
  • Just seen this on B3ta - It's a deliberately supergeneric brand advert - enjoy it and its cynicism :-)

    5 years ago
  • Hi everyone, I do love adv, even because I played few as a Hero. I wanna share this ONE with you, which I think is really really interesting and well made for Martini, directed by Peter Thwaites starring Yurj Buzzi . "Luck is an Attitude"

    5 years ago
  • I thought the John Lewis Christmas ad of 2011 was great. It was a perfect short film, with a nice twist at the end (a little boy is really impatient for Christmas, we think he’s counting down the days till he can unwrap what’s coming to him, but it turns out that he just can’t wait to be giving presents to his parents). I now discover that the ad cost £ 6 MILLION to make (not all of it going to the Smiths presumably!), but since it helped John Lewis get £ 500 million in sales that festive period I'm sure they could afford it!

    Here it is :

    All the best

    Royston Deitch

    5 years ago
    • Very nice. I can see there was good money spent, but I can only imagine the £6M also included all the advertising slots in the clostly pre-christmas period?

      5 years ago
    • @Paddy Robinson-Griffin Sorry about the delay in responding. I'm sure you're right, the £ 6 million probably did go on the overall campaign. The ad itself probably did have a very nice budget to itself, though.

      5 years ago
  • This Chris cunningham ad for Gucci perfume flora has stayed with me since I first saw it. Beautifully simple. Great lighting, the shape and flow he creates are wonderful

    5 years ago
  • You asked so here ya go!


    Spike Jonze Ikea

    Spike Jonze Levi





    5 years ago
  • It's a bit old now, but I loved the Vauxhall 'Little Dads' adverts. So funny and sweet.

    I also thought the Peter Kay, John Smith adverts were brilliant, especially the - Any girl in the world - one.

    5 years ago