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Shooting People
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Seeking screenwriters with children's literature/publishing experience

I have an animated short that I think could work in print, as a children's picture book. Open to any basic guidance for a newbie researching the world of publishing (likely 3+ age range).

  • Hi James, sometimes the easiest solutions come to mind. I'd suggest studying current picture books, not worrying too much about format (page spreads) and getting the story down. Writing courses can be costly, but there are free online resources. The Children's Writers & Artists Yearbook is packed with useful info, too. Hope this helps.

    12 months ago
    • Thank you, Victoria. I was going to purchase the book but noted that the latest edition is due to be published in late July (all being well), so I shall await that. All the best.

      12 months ago
  • Hi James, I have published some books for older kids, three of them illustrated. As a newbie, you need to be clear: are you aiming to provide the text/story, the images or both? Aiming to do both is highly ambitious, in a very competitive field. Publishers like to match up authors and illustrators themselves, and don't often take on new author/illustrator hyphenates. (I have never met the illustrators for my books). Even getting your material looked at without an agent can be hard. This may of course be different if you already have a film to show to them. I'd suggest using the Yearbook to identify agents to submit to first.

    12 months ago
    • Hi Stephen. Thanks for your message - it echoes my findings so far. I do have a family member who is an illustrator, but for now that is a back-up plan. I intend to provide the story to a publisher, so I'm currently looking at the expectations for submissions. Thanks again.

      12 months ago