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Returning to shoot in a Covid-19 world - advice as it comes in

We are all feeling around for what this new world will be, let's use this as a single place to keep track with what's going on here and around the world as we find out what best, safe practice might look like

  • For starters, our advertising friends have published their suggestions including who should wear tier 1 / tier 2 PPE and when, on site medic, suggestions around wiping down, proper advance risk assessments for all locations, no movement orders, single car travel, etc. Some good ideas like using zoom for video village relay, bringing food from home, etc...

    4 months ago
  • Pact & UK broadcasters

    4 months ago
  • Insurance - according to our broker, currently cover is hard to get and the various underwriter syndicates in Lloyd's have formed a review and steering panel to liaise with Government. Of course there's a lot of industries represented, but for new policies, we should not expect cover for anything Covid-19 related, including shoot delays, health related claims, transmission-related claims, etc. Premiums will also likely be increasing despite not covering this (presumably due to the losses).

    In any event, along with the national suggestions from big broadcasters etc., one suggestion is a Covid Czar who has legitimate ability to assess any set/shoot conditions, make reccommendations, all the usual stuff, then have "show stop" authority to bypass the director/line producer (like a bond would do) if protocols are missed or being eroded.

    Naturally until we can start getting cover again, there's not much going on. I suspect the three projects announced this week will have a high degree of self-insurance and have a LOT of precautions and the extra-slow/high cost shoot factored in sinc ethe studios are desperate for content. Indies may have to wait a little longer...

    4 months ago
  • From what I hear the productions announced are not going to be actually shooting for a while. A lot of soft prep going on.

    4 months ago
  • I'm just told my Producer that when they are talking with the TV company that while we can build in a certain amount of delay contingency, and lock costs accordingly, if the worst happens after we start, they'll either have to find us more money or write off whatever we have done so far.

    This is for a project that is actually very shootable under current conditions - one location, everyone can bubble, everything can be booked to allow for several weeks of delays, and we can shoot asap (Ok, late July) but even so, a second wave lock down in the middle of it would fuck us.

    There are going to be so many repeats on TV next year...

    4 months ago
  • Doc Society have put together this helpful guidance about filming independent documentaries during the pandemic, but much of it will also apply to fiction films too

    4 months ago
  • There was something vague mentioned on the BBC red button suggesting that the government was looking at helping to underwrite insurance for film and TV.

    It was vague but the inference could not mean anything different?

    4 months ago
    • I've heard people lobbying the government to do so, so I guess we'll see. There are bigger sectors to untangle first, arguably, and I can't say my faith is terribly high in a government that'll break its own rules and laws so regularly

      4 months ago