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Shooting People
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Looking for a short script

Looking for a short script which I can get my DP/Cinematography chops into. I’ve recently updated my editing suite and camera so it needs a new project to fire it all up. London based as I’m too lazy to travel too far. New writers welcome and something different from the norm would be good. Let’s meet up and have a chat

  • Hi Richard,

    You'll find an array of scripts in the Production > Script Pitch part of the site - this should be v. useful for you to dig into. Good luck with the shooting!

    6 months ago
    • Hey Colm, I’ve been away for a while and this wasn’t available but thanks so much for the heads up. I’ve already engaged with someone. Cheees

      6 months ago
  • I have some scripts you might be interested in reading.

    6 months ago
  • Hi Richard, what kind of scripts are you looking for? Budget wise and minutes long wise? Cheers.

    6 months ago
  • Ho Richard,

    I have a comedy short very easy to shoot. I’m looking for someone with the budget (1000 pound pretty much) and Co-direct it together. If interested please let me know your email and I’ll send it over.


    Matteo Valentini
    IMDb: ‪

    6 months ago
  • Hi, Richard,

    Shiva (Lynwood) here.

    Although mostly I write features

    I do like to write shorts for fun and have three possibilities.


    A five-page, one-location femjep one-hander.

    Is she mad or is she about to be murdered?


    A ten-page one location two-hander.

    A pudgy gamer, alone in his apartment, suddenly finds himself isolated. Nobody seems to to be online. He can’t contact anybody by cellphone. He can’t even connect to the Internet.

    Then a stunningly beautiful woman, the kind he has always dreamed about, knocks on his door.


    A 19-page, one location two-hander, shot in an exterior location.

    A young man, falsely accused of rape, has lost his job, his wife, his reputation. He stands on an isolated rural bridge, about to commit suicide, when a strange hippie chick emerges from the mist to confront him about his decision. He, in turn, challenges all of her own beliefs.

    If any of these look interesting, let me know and I'll shoot copies your way.

    Wishing you much success, creatively and financially in 2019 and look forward to seeing you on the circuit.


    6 months ago
  • Hi, please find a link to my blog where you can download some of my short scripts

    6 months ago