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Shooting People
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I'm making a feature film!


I'm not one to gloriously self promote but what the hell? I am directing a feature film in March, self funded, low budget but giving it the best damn try I can!

If you want to follow the production and learn more, feel free to head on over to the facebook page, give us a like, follow or even a share!

Thanks in advance!

  • Big congrats Chris!!! We will be shooting Widow's Walk at the same time in Suffolk!!
    Yey us!!!

    4 weeks ago
    • I know! What the hell? Let's do this! Funnily enough I have hit upon a creative way to generate interest on facebook for respective projects. Want to hear it?

      4 weeks ago
    • @Christopher Jolley Great news on your feature! Filmed a super low budget one myself in September. Editing now. Yeah, go on then! What's the secret sauce for interest?

      4 weeks ago
    • @Ken Barnes
      Thanks Ken, the support is outstanding on here!

      4 weeks ago
    • @Christopher Jolley I'd love to hear it! I'm working on a feature film as well, we're planning to start principal photography in April, and in the mean time we're getting things ready and planning on doing some of the small one-off shoots for characters with small screen time.

      We are planning on running a crowdfunding campaign or something to generate some additional funding for the project; right now we've just enough to cover costs, but with no margin.

      3 weeks ago
  • Well done guys, first feature is big step!

    Just a tip from someone who's walked this path - I recommend brushing up on some of the production grades you must set up a payroll for - HMRC are very strict about it but nobody will tell you in advance, so this can cost you dearly down the road for the sake of getting it right upfront.

    4 weeks ago
    • Hi Paddy thanks for the advice buddy! This is all a learning curve!

      4 weeks ago
  • Just followed your FB page Christopher, looks really professional. Great premise, let me know if you want to audition me for a role as looking for quality projects to be involved in :0]

    4 weeks ago
    • Hi Mark, cheers buddy! Sadly all roles have been cast! But will definitely bear you in mind for future projects! If you friend me on facebook, I tend to tag friends on facebook if I spot a project or film that's either looking for crew and cast if I think they could be a match. Cheers!

      4 weeks ago
  • Well done Chris, I have a first feature on the go too and have posted on your facebook page.

    4 weeks ago
  • Hi Chris!Congratulations!I could just imagine the effort and willingness needed to prepare and then film a self funded feature!I will definitely go to your facebook to know more and I will drop you a line in pvt!

    4 weeks ago
  • Best of luck Chris. I am also directing a feature film, planing to start filming in April/May, self funded.

    4 weeks ago