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Location inspiration for ‘Photographer’ out of his depth

Looking for locations in London (ideally central or west London but more than happy to travel for the best spots) for a photoshoot with a triathlete (separate running/cycling/swimming shoots).

Hey shooters! I’m a sound editor.. with a (basic) camera.. I don’t pretend to be a photographer but I do love taking and editing pictures and randomly, someone recently reached out and asked me to do a shoot with them. I thought it would be fun so said yes (they are fully aware of my (lack of) ability, but want to work with me anyway).

So I thought I’d reach out to you for some advice, I’m sat in a cutting room all day looking at beautiful locations but don’t have a clue where any of them are!
We’re doing 3 separate shoots and as well as taking pictures in the more *‘classic’ locations (rave tracks / parks / symmetrical roads / alleyways. *The ‘classic’ reference meaning the majority of the images I’ve seen on Instagram since starting research), I want to try find some more usual locations that will make our photos stand out.

Any and all knowledge/advice will be HUGELY appreciated. Also any advice you feel might be appropriate/I might have overlooked going into my first ever shoot would also be welcomed!

Many thanks in advance,


  • Hey Ben,

    I know at this stage you're just looking for advice, so this forum is definitely the place to post in.

    If you do decide to look for a Location Scout, then you may find an effective way of reaching other members is to list your project in the Production part of the site. You can do this by clicking on the navigation ‘Production’ > ‘Get People’ (

    Once you’ve completed your post, the project will be available to view on the site in the Production directory and will be published in the bulletins.

    Good luck with it.

    1 year ago
  • Hi Ben,

    I’m a photographer and always looking for beautiful places! Wimbledon Common is an obvious one but lovely. There’s a book ‘111 Places In London You Must See’ which is a little goldmine.

    Best of look with the shoot.


    1 year ago
  • Hi Ben,

    Ask the subjects you are photographing about themselves; their likes, dislikes, past etc.., and garner inspiration from them. If an athlete started their training outside a block of flats in an urban area or a shop owner helped them to aspire to train etc.., these kind of locations can add to a picture and give more depth. Also think about how you view the athletes and incorporate your vision in how you shoot your subjects.

    Research photography you like, there's a lot of websites out there directly aimed at photography enthusiasts that you can source inspiration from outside of a google or pinterest search.

    Good luck!

    1 year ago