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Using a quote at the beginning of a film

We have found a quote we would like to use at the beginning of one of my films, we have done some research and found a journalist that used the quote in an article, he said he has no problem with us using the quote but he is not the originator of the quote,nor could he tell us who is, everytime we google the quote his name comes up. We have contacted the newspaper, in which this article appeared with quote, and they have messed us around and we can't seem to connect with the relevant people - the journalist, mentioned before said we could use the quote, as 'fair use How does this work?

  • An awful lot of quotes are apocryphal/wrongly attributed. Does telling the truth fit?

    // Voice over

    "Quote" by Journo.

    Except that it wasn't coined by him. In spite of what Google thinks.

    This is a story about oracles, and their failings...


    I obviously have no idea what your script is, but if it's the right kind of movie, not knowing who coined it allows you to have your cake and eat it :-)

    But yes, I think you can use it. Whoever coined it is clearly lost in time, and it's a quote, not a big use.

    I like this article on Fair Use.

    1 year ago
  • Thanks for the answer, the quote I wanted to use was for a short bio film on immigration, in the end I created my own quote which I hope will work

    1 year ago
  • Any quote used in a factual documentary or news program is fair use and immune from any litigation accept if it can be successfully argued that it's use was applied in such a context so as to harmfully mischaracterise the originator.

    1 year ago
    • Howabout using dictionary definitions of a word? Don't have anything in mind; purely out of interest

      1 year ago
  • And even then it's far from probable that such a complaint would be upheld in any competent court unless such a characterization was held to be wholly malicious without artcuable reason.

    1 year ago