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Shooting People
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Writing together

Good afternoon all,
I have recently finished a script and would very much like to move forwards with getting the film made. I’m looking for screenwriters who would be willing to help re-write a shooting script into a speculative script whilst I pursue funding and producers. I also have a few other projects I would love to work in tandem with in the future. Independent vibes. All credit will be shared. Paid when possible.
London or Glasgow for post lockdown meet ups. Happy to work with zoom and email for the time being.
Feel free to contact me

  • hi Rory,
    Good morning. Although I've seen your post a few times now, I logged on today to see what traction it was getting (a week on ) = hopefully you've had some email interest elsewhere?

    Now, before I get your hopes up, I'm not looking to write or edit another person's project - I have enough of my own to be getting on with :-) But my reason for asking is that if you're not getting any responses to your ad and you believe in your shooting script you have one of two options - make it yourself without the flowery spec script or pay someone to write it for you.There are lots of people on here who will do that for you but few who will do it for a shared credit unless that you can guarantee that will happen (which you can't).Think about it: why would they give up months of their life to write your project when they could be writing their own?

    Two years ago, unable to get a production company to take on my stage play, I backed myself and put it on and it was hugely successful, even drawing actor Colin Firth to attend three times - I eat out on that story. Buoyed by that, I directed and produced another 6 months later and a short film after that. Moral of the story (as I see it) is write what you can produce Rory - it will fare better for you in the long run. Personally I would rather make things then pay others to so something I can do myself or be limited by their willingness to involve or commit themselves to my project. Hope this helps and feel free to call if you want

    3 months ago