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Clive - Based On a True Story (Short film)

Hi all

I would love to know what you think of my comedy short 'Clive'
It's been featured on ShortsOnTap, Shots Magazine, LBB Online, David Reviews and currently a daily pic on Film Shortage.

And yes it was based on a true story.

KInd Regards

Simon Matthews

  • Hello Simon,

    First of all I LOVED this short. I thought it was funny & original, had great writing and filmic style throughout and was a nice progression from your other shorts.

    Excited to see what you create next- I hope they're all based on true stories...

    Good luck with your future work and if you fancy collaborating here's my spotlight.


    1 month ago
  • Hi Simon,

    That was an ace short, loved the story I was hooked the whole way through and really engaged with the character of Clive.

    I hope it leads to more work, would love to join in!


    1 month ago