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Anyone looking to make a short comedy isolation script - I've written one

Hi, I've written a 5-min comedy isolation script which should be easy to make using video conferencing tools. I'm wondering if anyone is looking for a fun little project that I hope will make people laugh? If you'd like to read the script, please let me know. Thank you :) The synopsis is below:

To help get through self isolation and homeschooling, Rita has set up Parents Together Forever: a group of four parents that meets on Zoom once a week. Except Rita can’t find a slot to squeeze it into her busy ‘self care’ schedule, single dad Steve is certain this is all one massive conspiracy, and Claire’s worried she’ll sneeze on the computer screen. Lydia’s just pissed that she has to show up.

  • Hi Amy,

    Your idea sounds great, I would love to read the script, myself,the producer and a cinematographer I work with have been looking to make a short lockdown film. Send me a PM and we can have a chat.


    3 weeks ago
  • HI Amy

    I'd be interested the read as well. I've been looking at a few lockdown scripts with a mind to do something.


    3 weeks ago
  • hi Amy,

    I liked your idea. I would be very happy to read the script. my email is


    3 weeks ago
  • Hi Amy. I'm primarily an actor and although I'm not looking for anything at the moment I am looking for a talented comedy Screenwriter to write a very funny Short or, even better, a Pilot for TV. I would be looking for something later in the year when all this has hopefully blown over. My type of humour is an older style, think: Father Ted, Dad's Army. Vicar of Dibley, Allo Allo, etc,etc.
    I have made a few in the past and I even took a short to Cannes. I've been on ITV 'Off Their Rockers' and much more. I'm willing to discuss a fee but I am looking for something special and extremely funny without relying on masses of swearing for it's humour. If you write comedy maybe it's could be of interest to you?

    2 weeks ago
  • I'd love to get onboard this, I'm a director, editor, cinematographer, vfx artist so if you think I'd be needed then please send me message.
    All the best.

    2 weeks ago
  • Hi Amy - good to see a female writer for a change. Why is that I wonder? Hordes of female novelists but fewer script writers. Anyway I call myself an actor/writer. could I be of any help to you perhaps? Could send samples my stuff if you desire.

    2 weeks ago
  • Hi Amy,

    Great idea! I would love to read the script.
    my email is

    Best wishes,

    2 weeks ago
  • Hi Amy,

    I'm a bit late to the party, but I love your idea! You can contact me via email; I'd like to find out more about the project and to read the script. :) Thank you.

    Have a great weekend,

    2 weeks ago
  • Hi Amy, this sounds like a fun project. If you need a shooter / editor , I would love to get involved. Thank you!

    2 weeks ago
  • Hey Amy,

    That sounds like a great story :)
    I'm an editor, fully equiped with Avid and would love to give a hand on this if you need !

    My address :
    My website :


    1 week ago
  • HI Amy - I'd love to read. I have a group of actors who are just dying to make something !

    1 week ago
  • Hi there, an excellent idea. I'm a musician/composer ready to begin on a theme tune or sting. You can hear examples on my website (I recommend the short video playlist but the song playlist is theme oriented too).

    Send the script and any other details to me at

    1 week ago
  • Hello Amy,

    Sounds good. Writer/Director. Just turned a corner with work and I am free so I am well up for it. Sorry I am late to this just recieved the SP newsletter.


    1 week ago
  • Hi everyone, thank you all so much for your comments and interest. I think I've managed to respond to all of you now.

    1 week ago
  • Hi Amy, the concept sounds great so would love to read the script if you're still looking for someone! My email is

    1 week ago
  • Hey, I'm a video editor if you'll ever need later on for the post-production. Here's my email . Good luck !


    4 days ago