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Shooting People
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Black History Month - What are you watching?

Hey everyone,

So Black History Month has now started in the UK, making it a great time to learn more about Black History, educate ourselves, show solidarity and prioritise Black narratives and filmmakers.

So - what are you planning on watching this month?

I've been meaning to watch Candyman for a while - I've loved so much of Jordan Peele's screenwriting, from Get Out to Us, he's got a real way of reinventing horror narratives to break the boundaries of the genre, honing in on highlighting racial injustice.

Judas and the Black Messiah is also one if you haven't seen this year is 100% worth checking out - Daniel Kaluuya killed it in his role and it's also all based on true events and is a hugely important part of American Black History to educate ourselves on.

But anyway - drop in the comments what you're planning on watching or if you're a Black filmmaker drop your films so we can all watch them!

All the best,