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Is the Ifeatures Scheme working?

I have a little ‘arts funding application’ fatigue so decided not to apply for ifeatures this year. Now I’ve seen a few of the previous films made through the scheme which are all pretty good; probably wouldn’t appeal to ‘the man on the street’ but indie film types and filmmakers would appreciate them. Not sure how it faired financially but ‘Lady Macbeth’ got nominated for BAFTA’s too.

My discussion topic: is this scheme working? I had a check of the 9 titles listed on IMDB under Ifeatures and looked at each of those directors and at the time of writing none of them had gone onto direct another feature since.

What does the shooting people community think?

  • Hi Richard, Stephen Follows did some very interesting research into this which he released recently. Less than ten per cent of feature film directors go on to make a second feature, only half of them a third. So the iFeatures statistics could still prove to be average in the next two years or so allowing for the fact that most feature films are a three year process to make.
    Regards Ray

    8 months ago
  • Lady Macbeth made like 4 million worldwide. Which for is good for a £500,000 film.

    8 months ago
  • I totally sympathise with the funding application fatigue! My view is that what matters in this undustry is playing the long game. You might not get an instant directing career through making your feature through iFeatures, but it will put you firmly in the radar of public funding bodies which then helps when seeking funding from them again. It is also a pathway to getting into prestigious film festivals (they make sure of that, because they want to showcase where their funding goes) which brings more targeted exposure to the director. So I'd say it work on the favour of the director in the long run. It took Andrew Haigh 4 years to make another feature after his iFeatures funded "Weekend", but he hasn't really stopped working since.

    8 months ago