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LOCATIONS and FILM CREW with own equipment in KOSOVO

We are a small Rental/Production company based here in KOSOVO producing, films, music videos and tv commercial.
I wanted to share with you shooters that Kosovo is a small country with a huge potential for filming locations all throughout the year. Kosovo is a small landlocked country in Southeastern Europe, in the center of Balkan Peninsula surrounded by Albania, Montenegro on the north, Serbia on the east and Macedonia on the south.
Considering it's small area, Kosovo has a variety of topographical features. It is surrounded by mountains: the Sharr Mountains are located in the south and southeast, bordering Macedonia, while the Kopaonik Mountains rise in the north. The southwest borders with Montenegro and Albania are also mountainous, and home to the country's highest peak, Gjeravica, 2,656 m (8,714 ft) high.
So from Sand beaches three hours drive to cold winters in highlands Kosovo is a cheap locations for low budget films, tv Commercials and music videos.

IF you are interested on filming in Kosovo including equipment rental I would be happy to assist you in any means necessary.
I my self am a Filmmaker graduated from London College of Printing when is used to be the best film school. ;-). so I know very much you're filming concerns and difficulties.
We have cheap hotels and hostels for any member of Crew that you want to bring with you as well. There is a direct flight from London to Pristina through WisAir during holiday season and to Skopie Macedonia all other times.
Look forward to hear form you
all the best