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Problem Uploading a Film to SP

Hi Shooters
I wonder if anyone out there can offer advice or help me with a problem?
Seven weeks ago I uploaded my short film 'Rellik' to SP but the film is still not available to view on the website.
Apart from one brief exchange, my emails to the SP help desk have also been ignored and no explanation has been given.
While I appreciate that SP is not a huge organisation and that everyone is doing their best, looking at other films that have recently been uploaded it's clear this is not an isolated incident. So...
1. Are Members happy with this level of service and believe it represents value for money?
2. As many of the 'unavailable films' were intended for Film of the Month, can SP confirm that they were included in the competition and viewed and assessed by the judges? (though how Members were then supposed to watch and vote on those films I have no idea?).
Apologies for sounding so grumpy, but patience is wearing thin.
Thanks, Kevin.

  • Hi Kevin,

    Just a quick reply to part of this - as, as you say, theres a few problems to address beyond this.

    Film upload, where you are having the issue, is now separate to Film of the Month submissions - meaning not all uploads to SP are competitive, as this is not the only reason to have a film up and viewable.

    Submissions for Film of the Month are submitted via All films submitted are viewed and assessed by the judges. From all submitted, a shortlist of 12 is selected, which are then viewable in the judge page by members, where they can vote and feedback comments and feedback. The 3 with the most votes are then sent to the filmmaker judge for feedback and ranking.

    As for your upload issues, we're working on it. I appreciate the turnaround time is not acceptable, and we will strive to make that up to you.


    2 years ago