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Shooting People
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London Screening Venues

We're looking for a London screening venue for a couple of Q&A event screenings of our feature CONCRETE PLANS - our UK cinema release was scheduled for Nov in advance of its release on AppleTV, Amazon, Sky etc... but Covid. Now cinemas are re-opening we're booking in a few Q&A screenings around the country in July/Aug/Sept and after a London venue. Any recommendations or contacts at London indie cinemas v much appreciated! Here's a

  • Hi Will, your trailer looks very impressive and well done on getting to the screening/QandA stage!
    In shortlisting London screening venues, consider the time of day you want, cinemas vs. screening rooms (cinemas could be very pricey if you want them to cancel a programmed evening film), number of seats (40 people vs. 240 people), film format, central vs. suburban location, etc.

    I publish a directory, Screening Room Map, which might help you with the shortlisting: and I'm on email at
    All the best, Tony

    2 months ago
  • Hi Tony, that's super-useful, thanks. I'll go through that and may drop you a line if we have queries . Glad you liked the trailer, Thanks again, Will

    2 months ago
  • Hey Will, Did you manage to select and choose a screening venue? Let me know if you want to talk over options. One venue that did spring to mind - Close Up ( All the best, Tony

    1 month ago