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Script Pitch bug?

I am looking for a script to shoot this year. (My own don't meet my production criteria. Needs to be something that is Coronavirus proof).

So, I decide to explore Script Pitch. It seems to have a bug. I filtered and sure enough, page one of 9.

Read them, click next and suddenly the filter has unlocked and it's page 2 of 95.... very annoying.

I use Chrome Browser.

P.S - if anyone has gone with the zeitgist and has a "Self Isolation" script in progress, let me know :-)

  • Thanks for the headsup Marlom. We've fixed that bug now.

    7 months ago
  • Hi Marlom,
    I have invested in boxes of antibacterial handwash and dry wipes and might have a 'self isolation' script in progress....

    7 months ago