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Anyone UK-based looking to start a fiilm collective?

Hi there,

I'm an aspiring London-based film writer/director who has written a number of short films, one of which I've actually directed/produced as well. From my experience of seeing my first project through to fruition, I was surprised by the sheer logisitcs required into getting the film finished, not to mention the financial and emotional taxation (although overall I very much loved the experience). In an industry where you often build your showreel on the job, it can feel like an overly long process.

It occurred to me that there are probably other passionate and talented individuals of various disciplines on this site looking to produce more output but who are disenfranchised/restricted by the slow production rate and high costs of these projects. Hence, I thought I'd propose that we start a film collective where we regularly collaborate together and create short films on a regular basis. The benefits of this would be:

-the opportunity to gain experience from working on a lot of projects, all of which can be added to a showreel,
-networking with other passionate and talented people looking to break the industry,
-pool of experience/resources to minimise mistakes/costs
-gaining experience of different disciplines within the industry

So if you're interested in setting something like this up, whether you're a cinematographer, sound recordist, sctor, producer, writer, director, editor, or anything in between, drop me an email and we'll have a chat.


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  • Hi Dominic. I’m a composer and often frustrated by erratic projects. I’m always interested in collaboration too. So I’m interested. That said, I’m not free until December! But I’m all about communicating both in the work and making it. I have more info at

    1 week ago
  • Hi Dominic I'm a Manchester-based videographer who wants to break into more creative and narrative based work, I have experience in scriptwriting, cinematography sound recording, editing, special FX make-up. I like the sound of your film collective.

    1 week ago
  • Hello I am a London based producer, writer, actor. Have been producing my own shorts this year with a core group and would love to broaden the group! Huw- we need a composer for our upcoming short. We also need a sound person- anyone interested? x

    1 week ago
  • Hi Dominic. I'm an editor based up in Merseyside. I am currently available as I'm finding in increasingly difficult to attract work. I've often thought it's been because of where I'm based in the country. Having said that, I'm looking for more narrative/documentary/music video work, so count me in!

    1 week ago
  • Hi Dominic - I've contacted some three pitches like this and have heard nothing in return. Which is odd. I've been doing this stuff now since the early 80s and will soon be put out to grass (or some other euphemisic metaphor for ageing) so any chance of an invite from you?

    7 days ago
    • Mac - I was certain that I emailed you on Thursday in relation to this. Apologies if I missed you out. Please add me on WhatsApp, my number is 07933142316.

      6 days ago
  • Hi Dominic

    Thanks for posting this. This is exactly how I feel. I am a professional actress working in film, TV and theatre. I am also a writer/director and acting coach. I have begun working on my own projects for the last 2 years but struggle in getting them off the ground as well as working as a freelance artist.

    I would love to be part of a collective and support others in their work as well as gain support in my own projects. I am based in Hastings though work a lot in London. I would be very interested in speaking more about this and your work. You can see some off the stuff I get up to on

    Also hello to all the other creatives on this thread.

    Much thought

    7 days ago
  • Great idea. I'm a London based actor and would love to be involved.

    5 days ago
  • Hi Dominic,
    I am glad to hear from someone same idea as mine, to build a film collective where people regularly collaborate together and create short films on a regular basis.
    I would love to be part of it.

    3 days ago
  • Hi Dominic,
    Recently became a steadicam op and looking to get more experience so would be great to be involved.

    1 day ago