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Fixing Your Screenplay for a Script Reader

It can be dispiriting to get that rejection email on a script you've worked tirelessly on for months. And it can be hard to get back on the horse.

However, it's always important to remember that there are often very fixable reasons your script has been passed on.

We just published a comprehensive list of some of the reasons a Script Reader might pass on your script and what you can do to fix such reasons.

It's a new year and you might be working hard to finish that script you've been working on for a while. A key part of the redrafting process is trying to be aware of what people in the industry are looking for. The Script Reader will have a conscious or subconscious checklist when reading through a script. So try as best you can to make your script one that will get a Reader excited. And don't be too disheartened when that rejection comes, it's not the end of your script, it's just the beginning.