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Shooting People
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Director and Producer team needed for the The Uncertain Kingdom Project

Hi there,

I'm looking to pitch a short film about a good samaritan act that goes horribly wrong for The Uncertain Kingdom, a project exploring current views of the UK.

The story involves a desperately cold homeless person being offered a home for the night by a seemingly benevolent artist but as a sense of mistrust grows between the two of them tension builds to tragic results.

I'm looking for a Director and Producer team that are looking for a future project to work on and who would like to collaborate with me as writer.

The Director and Producer must have worked on a short film together previously with which they gained signifcant festival attention.

If it sounds of interest please check out the below guidelines...

And get in touch with your email so I can explain the story in further detail and you can decide if it interests you.

  • Hi David,

    I would be interested to hear more about this project. My e mail is

    Thanks I look forward to hearing from you.



    6 months ago
    • It’s not as above.

      6 months ago
  • Happy to discuss, (

    6 months ago
  • sent you a private message to discuss a week or so ago. Did you receive it?

    6 months ago
    • No I didn’t - please resend:

      6 months ago