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Hiring a dog ? Where How ?

Black swamp Films needs to hire a cheeky looking dog for a music vid in hackney. Must be able to respond to certain commands like stand on hind legs. The dog will accompany a busker and perform better then the busker !

  •,, other agencies

    11 months ago
  • Paddy, you are a treasure, and so are Black Swamp Films

    11 months ago
  • I have used Lorraine Gardiner twice. She has a great little scruffy dog on her booked named Kiyo.

    11 months ago
  • Hi ben and other thank you for your replies I will contact all and see what they can do..interested in Kiyo though..he would be perfect ! Regards Dave & Ray

    11 months ago
  • My dog #JunoDogStar is cheeky and scruffy and a quick learner. Google her or search Twitter / Facebook for pics. What commands does she need to know?

    11 months ago
    • HI Brendon. Many Thanks for your response and what a fantasitic dog you have favourite breed too ( daughter would love a cokerpoodle !).
      I looking for a dog that can sit quietly nest to a busker on an urban street, though come alive with a few facial expressions and maybe be able to stand on hind legs ...just to give the impression the dog is now busking ( we will be putting lip sync on dogs mouth as he will take over busker and sing !
      It would be less than a days work and ne in North London. What would be the cost of hiring Junodogstar for a day ? Plus your travel expenses to get to London ?
      And the shoot will probably be on a good weather day i December. Again this is only a personal msic video project. Regards David Black / Black Swamp Films

      11 months ago