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Help with creating a poster for film festival

Can anyone help me put together a poster for a film that I made, it has been selected for a festival in the States. they have a competition in which you submit your poster for people to vote on, with the possibility of winning

  • If you Google "film poster maker" you will find lots of online tools for making film posters. I've no idea how good they are as I've never used one.

    5 months ago
    • Thank you Alwyne, I had a look online but found that a lot of the sites wanted you to sign up to their websites before you were able to get the use of the templates, I went to a photoshop too and they wanted to charge me about £50 to do the work eventually a friend used her magic and created a poster for me which I am happy with - now to get some people to vote for my poster once it is live on the film festival site tonight

      5 months ago
  • For future ref for anything graphic, try Canva. That's where I made my film poster, and it's very easy, and free

    5 months ago
  • PS post the link to your poster so we can see...! mine's at the front of my trailer at

    5 months ago
  • Hi Sue
    Thanks for the info I did try Canva, could come right with it but eventually my friend managed to get onto word and created something which is now live on the film festival site so at least we were able to enter something thanks once again

    5 months ago