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Sorry but since there presently isn't a topic for freebies I'm starting this one. Please feel free to add to it if you have a free piece of filmmaking kit that you no longer need and wish to give away to another shooter that might find it useful.

Free BETA SP UVW-1800P Deck in full working order (full specs online). Having a bit of a clear out so if any Shooter wants to collect this from me in Bexleyheath DA75QH or arrange and pay for a courier to collect it from me they are very welcome to have it.

I will post again to let peole know that it gone and will add other bits of kit in the future.

Kind regards Ray Brady

  • Wish I was able to come by and grab it Ray. Just not got Bexleyheath near enough to our current travel plans for that VCR. Hope someone can make good use of it though.

    An equipment swap, sell, buy, give away and looking for section on SP would be very popular I imagine.

    We're always keen to get more 'heritage' equipment. Even though we already have quite a lot of it already; the fact of their ageing vulnerabilities and diminishing support services and parts, makes viable and sustainable operation of a heritage formats processing facility increasingly challenging. Keeping as much of it in good order as possible is central to the task.

    Paddy gave us literally half a ton it, for which we'll always be grateful. There's tens and perhaps hundreds of thousands of hours of potentially valuable material that only survives on those old tape formats; digitising them all for posterity on spec would be a huge project, it's the limitation of real time processing, but as long as appropriate formats of VCR exist in working condition, that huge archive can still be digitised and processed.

    The machines we are always delighted to receive, and for which we have space to accommodate, include;

    One and Two inch formats
    Umatic Low band and High band and High band SP
    Super VHS
    Betacam and Betacam SP
    Digital Betacam
    Any other tape formats, both PAL and NTSC

    Equipment Racks needed too
    Any other analogue or digital linear machines such as mixers, controllers, signal monitors, patch bays and processors.

    These things take up a lot of space and can be heavy. We can take linear systems apart and remove if they're getting in the way. they'll go to a good home.

    11 months ago
    • Hi John, held for you John, super pleased that you will be able to recycle it or use it for arhieve purposes.
      Collect whenever convenient, for you absolutely no time restraints.
      Kindest regards

      11 months ago
    • @Ray Brady Thanks very much for your kind and generous offer Ray. It would make a great segway for a get together at some point in the not too far future. I don't want to hog all of these heritage formats though, so if anyone with a good need does ask for it I won't be too disappointed if you let it go to another worthy cause.

      All the very best to you too dear fellow.

      11 months ago
  • PS If any shooter in the next few weeks is planning to travel from South East Greater London towards John in Wales that could kindly take the Beta SP deck considerably nearer to him, for him to then collect from you, please let me know? We have a huge network of members so let's help each other out whenever possible, please.
    Many thanks
    regards Ray

    11 months ago
  • Hi there
    I’m looking for a Umatic machine to Xfer some old footage can anyone help at all? Or have one they are looking to get rid of?

    11 months ago
  • Oh there's a good cause then Ray, if Charlie can use it. Perhaps after he's used it he might be able to pass it on? I note from your SP profile that you, Charlie Marbles, are into some stuff that seems to overlap some of my own interests. Iconoclastic feature documentaries and innovative business models perhaps? Could be an interesting conversation.

    11 months ago
  • Sorry Charlie,
    Unfortunately I do not have a Umatic deck, just the Beta SP UVW-1800P Deck.
    On another note I have a couple of old Sennhieser Mikroport Radio Mic kits. The recievers are mains connected/powered, the transmitters small battery powered units. Both sets are in black plastic carry boxes, each has an old pro lav mic with suitable connection to connect to the transmitter.
    If any one would like them please let me know. I believe they are both sets are in working order, though neither have been used in at least seven years.
    Regards Ray

    11 months ago
    • Oops, thanks again Ray. l missed that Charlie was after a umatic. Might be worth defining which sort of Umatic though, there's three types, Lowband, Highband and Highband SP. Umatic VCR's are backwards compatible but not the other way round. Also three international versions, NTSC, PAL and SECAM. They didn't make it easy in them days! It requires a composite video and audio output connected via a lossless analogue to digital converter such as a Blackmagick processor for an optimum editable resource. Some converters are rubbish. Let me know if you need help.

      11 months ago
  • Hi there John
    I would very much like those mic kits if possible as I am constantly shooting interviews for a new project I’m developing... Also, it’d be great to have that chat too John... I’m currently swating up on the ins and outs of web docs

    11 months ago
  • Haha sorry the radio mics point was directed at Ray and the good conversation to you both!! Cheers

    11 months ago
  • Hi Charlie,
    Cool I will hold them for you. When you get the chance please DM me so that we can arrange a mutally convenient time for collection which should be quite easy as I am working from home for the next couple of weeks.
    Regards Ray

    11 months ago

    11 months ago
  • Free BETA SP UVW-1800P Deck in full working order is still going if you want it. Sound radio mic kit went last week to Charlie.
    Regards Ray

    11 months ago
  • Hi, late to the conversation! Have I missed the opportunity?

    11 months ago
  • Hi Victoria,
    All that presently is going for free is a Sony BETA SP UVW-1800P Deck, if you want it please let me know, it would be to collect asap from Bexleyheath, Kent.

    I will add other items when they become available, also if anyone else wishes to add free film kit to this please feel free to do so.

    Regards Ray

    11 months ago
  • Would SP be up for adding a section for this I wonder? I think it could be like 'freecycle' for filmies.... just a thought, Oh and I am looking for gimbels and sound kit compatible with my a7rii or an external with body mics.... big ask I know, but I am cheeky... lol.

    10 months ago
    • I'd thought they may pick on the recycle idea but sadly not Darryl.

      10 months ago
    • @Ray Brady a more direct approach may be required ???

      10 months ago
  • If anyone is still using an SQN mixer? I have found a set of output tails. If anyone would like them for free please message me. Unable to test them though sorry. Collection or I could possibly post them as they are not very heavy.
    Regards Ray Brady

    10 months ago
    • I could use them Ray....

      10 months ago
    • @Darryl Calvert
      Hi Darryl, Great there yours then. If you let me know your address please I'll get them off to you in the post?
      Kindest regards Ray @UKFILM_CO
      PS are you on Twitter

      10 months ago