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Shooting People
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BAFTA winning screenwriter Stephen Volk... 5 Great Brit Horror Films

What are you fave Brit horrors?

  • 28 Days Later. Important for so many reasons.

    Shaun of the Dead. Likewise ;-)

    2 years ago
  • I remember seeing "Witchfinder General" in film school, and thinking, wow, this is sick.

    Vincent Price was so evil. I can remember hating that character.

    Not the kind of film I'd want to make, but impossible to completely forget.

    It was made for a very low budget (okay, so 100k would be over 1.5 million today, but still, cheaper than Psycho), despite being an "English Civil War" film.

    And the poster is one of the best I've seen for a horror.

    As I said before, Old Dark House, even though some people count that as American. Sure, some of the effects are "dodgy", but the story and characters carry it. That film is even better if you live in Wales.

    2 years ago
    • I've had plenty choices that are quasi American tbh... I'm not dogmatic about it... That wouldn't be the spirit of the show... It's meant to be fun session talking about and recommending films :)

      2 years ago