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A business mindset for future growth

Do you have a commercial mindset, plus a commercial development slate and access to key talent contacts, but lack the funding to move forward?

I'd be interested to hear from those whose production company's, not their SPV, want to grow in and of themselves, not just the actual production of a film.

  • Dear Lee,

    I'd be interested in talking to you more about your post above and your "Film Investors" post too.


    3 weeks ago
    • Hey Eric - tell me/us a bit about yourself, your experiences and your ambitions. It's good for everyone to follow along and hopefully discover a few golden nuggets.

      2 weeks ago
  • Lee,

    Apologies just seen your post. I'm based in Reading. I come from a biomedical sciences background studying immunology and gene therapy. I worked at a biotech company in south Cambridge for a year during my degree.

    In 2015, I had a small motorcycle accident and found trouble finding work in the science field.

    While mending, I began writing and gradually got more into filmmaking. I joined a small film club, called Reading Film & Video Makers. Mainly OAP's but there were five or the ten or so like minded 20, 30, 40 somethings there. We became friends.

    We've been filming together making test shoots, then gradually building up to shorts. Two of the gang are sound recordists/audio post mixers, the others are more director/cameraop/DOP/photography orientated. We have a slack group.

    My first short, was a short action movie "The Carter Sanction." It had a long take, two fistfights a footchase, a gunfight, we shot on a small passenger plane, outside a boarding house and the thinnest plot! We shot night, day, interior, exterior. We did a tiny crowdfund too but nothing serious.

    The films pants, but I learnt a huge amount making it. Particularly around availability of cast/crew, colour of background walls, time on set and in shot movement. I'm still learning from it now.

    I've subsequently directed four other self funded shorts in the poetry, thriller and comedy genres. Some written by other screenwriters. I learnt comedy is hard!

    I organised a screening of the shorts at Henley Picturehouse cinema in 2019 with a small Q&A. Taught me a lot about who my audience was for the films I'd made.

    In the meantime I've written several shorts and six feature films mainly in the action, thriller, science fiction genres. But I've done gangster and western script too.

    My background in biomed informs my science fiction scripts. And I'm a big fan of the Greek Myths, the Iliad and The Odyssey.

    Alas I've never had a budget to truly show what I can do, I'm sure other filmmakers would say similar things.

    Ambition wise be able to tell a story effectively through pictures. Have enough time on set. Have people who want to work with me and vice versa (it's not the project but the people alongside you). Get the set/location and costume design nailed.
    Ideally have a budget to pay cast and crew inline with BECTU and Equity rates for a sub £1 million feature and shoot in one solid block of time two/three weeks (dependent on the project). Finally delegate marketing and promotion to a pro as I'm not skilled in that. Finally make a film which sells.

    Forgive the long post.

    2 weeks ago