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Best Budget VR/360 Camera?


Is there anyone here who has personal experience of shooting VR / 360 videos?

I'm looking to try it out and want to ask advice on best (budget) camera to start off with?

There seem to be a lot of options on the market... Ricoh? Bublcam? 360fly? Kodak PIXPRO? Samsung Gear 360? any many more...

I'm aware there will be limitations with the lower price range cameras but I don't want to get a rig of gopros or the nokia ozo, etc right now. More like I want to try stuff out and see if it's something I could get into and experiment.

Any advice / comments appreciated.



  • Member "Karel Bata" works a lot with new tech, 3D space and VR and the like - might be worth PM-ing him.

    3 years ago
    • Thanks Paddy. I will give that a shot. Cheers.

      3 years ago
  • Andy, let us know what you conclude that you should use, thanks!

    3 years ago