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I am taking part in EHollywood Live online pitch event on April 29th- anyone got any feedback or comments on this event?

I have bought 15 pitch meetings- yes i know its a lot but what the hell- I should have done this years ago with stuff I've written and have received good feedback on from fellow local writers etc.

I may not use all the 15 meetings so there may be a chance for a fellow shooter to come in and pitch their film /script/ synopsis .
The great thing is its a live pitch event done via Skype so saves on travelling- you book a slot with a Studio Exec and pitch.

I have researched this and the Hollywood live pitch event in LA in August which I will be attending in person too:

Yes its not perfect and yes failure rate is high and yes its expensive (keeps riff raft out?) but way I look at it- you buy a car and lose thousands on it so why not spend a couple of grand on your passion and talent- who knows where it could go. Fortune favours the brave.

I've just completed a Script writing course and will be converting some of my stories into scripts in due course.



  • I don't believe that there's a correlation between poor writers and 'riff raff'any more than I believe there's a correlation between richer writers and excellent scripts. I also have an instinctive antipathy for these 'pay to pitch' outfits that clearly don't have the same values as me, probably because I'm old and have forged a wholly independent way to do business. I wish you success Nat but as far as I'm concerned these outfits and their dodgy fishing expeditions can get stuffed.

    3 years ago
  • Just revisited this matter. Are you a member of Shooters Nat? There's no members card or any other link. Nat who? Starting to look like spam?

    3 years ago
  • I have re-joined after a gap and waiting for SP to link my old account up. I did used to eat spam ham but this aint spam!- i'll look into your points -keep in touch.

    3 years ago
  • Much obliged for the heads up Nat. Looking forwards to discovering more.

    3 years ago