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Shooting People
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Idea for a film script..................

Well we can appear to see what is happening on the world stage....... 35 years ago in Jerusalem, Israel, I heard a prophetic Word that the UK would leave the Revived Roman Empire (the EU) by the skin of it's teeth. And even though I had wanted to stay in the EU, I always had this thought at the back of my mind, and it has happened. We can in truth hear all sorts of things in life, in life experiences, but I recalled this moment.

A friend of mine in Australia chatted to me, she said that she knew about this too, I had met her in Jerusalem too, so many years ago in 1988, how time flies, and we are all on this rollercoaster, as life flashes by, so to speak. She suggested that the EU army would come together with the antichrist and wage war on the UK, and end times will unfold events. Jesus Christ was crucified between the years 0028 to 0032, and we are coming up to 2000 years later 2028 to 2032, when this war between the world might rage, come into existence.

Now of course you may say that this is another conspiracy theory, another nut sharing this, but what if?

This would make a great script for a film, who is there to write it?