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New Interactive Film&TV Streaming Platform - Livetree - Looking for ambassadors / student ambassadors and content

Hi Shooting People,

I am an actress but I freelance in PR and am currently working for a new interactive film and television streaming platform called Livetree. We have had huge amounts of press recently with our CEO talking on Sky News, an article in Evening Standard and an announcement on Forbes online!! We already have 250,000 subscribers (we only launch 1 month 1/2 ago).
Check it out at:

We already have content from the BFI, Scorpion, Kaleidoscope, Hat trick etc, but we are also looking to add content from independent film makers and grow this area of the platform and offer another place for creatives to showcase their work. With the interactive side of the platform, you can host a screening and invite friends to come and watch, thereby giving your film a place for people to view it outside of the festival sectre and build a hype around your projects online. People can comment and like or dislike. This feedback can be valuable for future projects.

Inline with acquiring content, we are growing an ambassador programme with a huge focus on student film makers.

Please drop a message below if you have something you'd like to submit for the platform or are interested in becoming an ambassador for the latest streaming platform.

Equally this is my email if you'd like to contact me directly:

Kind Regards,