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Hello from Richard,I have a planned film project based on my creator owned graphic novel. I am seeking backers, also though in exchange for financial backing-certain product placement too, if of help, I am seeking right now only financial help, please BID or reply, thank you.

  • Richards post has been up for a week without any open response. Indeed there's been no activity anywhere on 'Discuss" since. It'd be useful to know if Richards crowd funding project has raised any money at all from Shooting People members?

    In a community where most folk are struggling to make thir own dreams manifest I imagine that asking for money here is a bit like begging from beggars.

    A while back someone naively suggested a scheme where members gave money to every other member in order to receive funds from every other member. That of course would be a mathematical ponzi scheme not wholly unlike the practices of governments and banks.

    Although attempting to crowd fund from SP members is unlikely to be very fruitful there's other ways to benefit one projects here. Sharing skills, knowledge and resources and finding compatible collaborators is what we do best here. I'm not even sure that Shooting People's links with industry institutions and worthy individuals is of much use for the vast majority of it's 40,000 members.

    It's what we can actually do and create together that's got to be the prize.

    1 year ago
  • John raises some good points. There's a lot of filmmakers, a lot of films being produced, and just as many crowdfunding campaigns. Expecting friends to be able to help is one thing, but hoping on strangers is a stretch further.

    On a more positive note, we have a partnership with Kickstarter, helping filmmakers to launch better and smarter on the platform, and learn the skills about how to attract people towards a campaign, and how to hook them in once you've made one. Running a crowdfunding campaign is a job in itself, so if you are prepared for that, reach out to us to make the work easier.


    1 year ago