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Shooting People
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I HEART USA: film documenting the mood-swing that gripped New York over the presidential elections - SEEKING URGENT POST PRODUCTION FUNDING


We are looking for help to get this film released about 10 days before the official presidential inauguration on 27th January. We need to raise the final bit of post production funding £1.5K before THIS FRIDAY 25th November.

I HEART USA tells the story of the 48 hours of election day, and the day that followed. Director Stuart Acker Holt cycled a 60 mile heart shaped route around Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens, interviewing people he met along the way. The film documents the seismic emotional shift that transpired when Donald Trump beat Hillary Clinton. For most the election was a foregone conclusion but on the day that followed, the shock result was cause for much heartache, confusion and despair. But also muted celebration and optimism in others.

I HEART USA captures this global event at a human level, and also literally at a street level.

Please spread the word, donate, support here


  • What post do you need and have you already secured resources? I could possibly offer equity deal for £1,500 if I had the post to supervise with my team... IM me if interested.


    1 year ago