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Cat amongst the pigeons

I completely sympathize with Davina Brown post "Help! An East London Film Office wants to charge my £20K feature project £150/hour", many thanks for bringing this up Davina as I would like to open this up on the discussion board and the many other issues I have with the bodies that are there to supposedly support filmmaking in this country. I've myself ran foul of the East London film office in the past and was quoted totally unreasonable charges to allow shooting on one of my indie features in the borough, so onerous that I decided to move my whole shoot out of the area where I lived and relocated it to another part of London. The problem is they do not seem to understand any sense of scale, whether your a small indie production company or a film starring Tom Cruise, their fees remain the same. I would like other shooters please to continue to update this discussion with their experiences with their film offices so that we can as a group identify when the film offices are acting unreasonably and so that we can name and shame and also hopefully identify thefilm offices which do encourage and support indie filmmakers in their borough/region.
Secondly, I went online in early Jan and filled out the form at the British Film Council to let them know about two films, an indie feature and a feature length doco in an attempt to get them onto their system. I also spoke to individuals on the phone. A month later when I checked my films were still not added to their system so I repeated the process. When I attended the Cannes Film Festival in May I went to the British Pavillion and checked the free handouts to see if my films were included, no, nothing, when I complained I was allowed to add the information at that time but importantly I had missed the boat when it came to any mail outs or promotional printed material produced and given out by the Film Council.
Thirdly, to add insult to injury, the Film Council announced a new searchable online database of productions in the UK. When I searched it not only were my films not included in the directory but I also noticed that the films of many other of my fellow independent filmmakers were also not included on the directory and therefore to buyers attending the market we did not officially exist.
Am I the only one that has found that the Film Council has let them repeatedly down and excluded them from any official publicity materials and events? Maybe it's just me, but if you feel the same way please add to this discussion your experiences, good or bad as their system needs to be improved to represent all filmmaking in the UK, both independent and large budget productions?
Kindest regards Ray Brady

  • Just a quick update. Maybe moaning occasional works. Managed to finally get on to the list of recognised British Film Directors on the British Film Council's website, they very kindly squeezed me in between Danny Boyle & Kenneth Branagh, been trying to get on the list for over twenty years, this week bingo I'm a made man!

    Far less than half of my film credits have been acknowledged but I can work on that.

    2 years ago
  • Ta for the update. I suspect the reason was less malice than mundanity, so glad you got it sorted :)

    2 years ago