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Shooting People
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Can you help?

Hi, I'm looking for short films, irrespective of genre, that I can practise scoring to. It doesn't matter whether the film is released or not, but in order to improve my skills at composing to picture I really want 'real life' examples to practise with.

If anyone has the time to let me have a copy of their work without any music so I can write my own music for it that would be truly appreciated.

I know this takes effort on your part but I would be very grateful, and who knows, if you like what I've done then maybe we could work together in the future?

Kind regards

  • Hello Andrew, I'm an actor, but now I've joined a group to get experience behind the camera. We've just finished shooting a film about an old man remembering his schooldays when his carer takes him back to the building. We were either going to use stock, licence-free music, or I (also a musician) was going to cobble something together, with two descant recorders in harmony and a piano. But now you've come along....
    give me a bell or an email. We're in Berks/Bucks/Middx corner. Where are you? 07900 358 940

    1 year ago
  • Hi Spike, I'm based in Cheshire. I'd be very interested. I'll drop you an email this evening.
    Many thanks

    1 year ago