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Self Distributing your film? I would love to help!

Hello filmmakers!

I am Annika, London based MA student, doing a course in Film Distribution and Marketing and learning a lot about DIY distribution.

I would love to get a closer look at what actually goes into successful self distribution. Would be great to assist filmmakers who are currently in the process. I'm super flexible, so if you have your hands full, get in touch and let's talk!

Check out my website at and my distribution blog at for closer look at my work.

Annika Ranin

  • Hi Annika. I've just released our no budget movie on Vimeo on demand. We looked at many routes and spoke to many people but the one thing that kept coming up was 'Marketing means money' (or a friend in the business who has connections).....

    We're working on word of mouth and seeing how it goes for now.

    Link to Hunters Lodge

    2 years ago
  • Hi Annika. What a fantastic thing to specialise in! I am currently putting together a distribution plan to pitch to investors for production in March 2017. It would be great for us to work with someone external and you could help us through the whole process from a very early stage. What do you think? Thanks Zoe

    2 years ago
  • Hi Annika, sounds great and maybe you could help. I have a documentary that has had financial development support and is near completion. Tried most of the UK broadcast channels and though one comm ed at BBC4 backed it the film unfortunately didn't appeal to someone else there so wasn't picked up.
    I've made broadcast docs for the BBC before and won some awards over the years. Distribution is the one thing I fear I haven't quite got to grips with though.
    Here's the trailer for the film:
    Let me know if you're interested.
    Warm regards

    2 years ago
  • Thank you all for the messages here and through email. I have now committed to two projects but am happy to discuss distribution for other projects too, although without committing for long term work. Shoot me an email or private message. Also let's connect via twitter! I regularly tweet film/distribution stuff:) @annikaranin

    2 years ago
  • Hi Annika,

    I currently work for a small genre distribution label. I'm really interested in speaking to you and to self-distributing filmmakers as the other side of the coin is a pretty tough world to be in now as well. It would be great to talk in more detail about the subject. I've just followed you on twitter through work account: Grimm Entertainment.

    Hope to hear more,


    2 years ago
  • Hi Annika, I have a couple of friends who have self-distributed and would be happy to put you in touch. Hit me up by emailing my name at damnfine dot co dot UK

    2 years ago
    In 2017 will start new, own distribution.. did it in USA already, but now we bacame an 100% UK films productions company
    We will also help UK films maker, ( only feature films) also for distribution worldwide,
    see some at

    2 years ago
  • Hi Annika, great idea with your distribution plan! I tried a few big distributors/agents but they seem rather very selective ie; DogWoof. My documentary sits with Human Rights, Human Dignity which often is pigeonholed and not picked for such specific genre/category. The film did OK'at a few festivals with loud applause and panel discussions but perhaps it's not everyone's cup of tea when it comes to broadcast. Let's chat if you're interested ;-) here is a little trailer for it. many thanks. Lucas

    2 years ago