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Shooting People
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Any London-based character documentary makers looking for a fascinating subject?

This is a project I was looking into maybe 3 years ago, but not having the skills and not living in London means this has dwindled. I was reminded just this week, and it might suit someone else.

Around Knightsbridge are a team of regular gatecrashers, and they have a focus around one particular man. He is banned from Sotheby's for fake bids, Harvey Nichols know him on sight, most society venue doormen won't let him pass, yet through any means possible he can be found in his dinner jacket and velvet bow tie at society events and lowly trade shows blagging wine and canap├ęs in exchange for a good story.

He's claimed to be the London to for hotel chains, the proxy bidder for Chinese antique hunters, is very affable and from my research probably genuinely does have architectural connections before coming to London as a young man in the 80's, and indeed probably was a legit affluent "society" member at the time.

Having chatted with him some years back, I've no doubt he'll open up at least a good story, maybe even the true one, for some societal standing or prestige, or possibly for some prosecco in the prestigious bar of a decent hotel. I'd also suggest it's possible the right documentary maker could go for a night out with this legendary gatecrasher and find genuine drama and conflict with the events promoters to whom he's well known (for freeloading their booze!).

This would probably suit someone with real curiosity and non-threatening demeanour. Someone who can spend some time on a character story, there's a lot of character to unwrap here, and plenty of people who'll give very public opinions for texture. As the guy is a bit older now, it may suit an older documentary maker, certainly somewhere with the confidence and manner to tease out the best of the piece.

So - anyone genuinely looking for what could be a very saleable character piece and who's willing to invest some time for 2017?

  • Hi Paddy!
    Sounds like a brilliant character and right up my street. I'm just finishing my new documentary about an old colonial relic going on his last big game hunt.
    I was in London till quite recently but moved back to Scotland. Needs someone with time to get to know the character for sure.
    I feel that TV broadcasters have largely lost interest in these poignant character driven stories though. I'd really like to see this get made anyway!
    Hope you can find the right person for it.

    All the best

    1 year ago
  • If this guy is in his mid 50's and originally from Gloucestershire (though probably hides that) I reckon it's an old friend of mine :-)

    1 year ago
    • Hi Marlom - age range is right, but I'm pretty sure he came from East Asia in the 80's. Probably know each other though?!

      1 year ago
  • Hi Paddy,
    I might be interested in this subject, he sounds s great character. I met an older lady who has been bragging her way into Cannes red carpet and parties for 40 years so might make a duo! Could you send any details to I would love to hear more and possibly try to meet him.

    1 year ago
    • Hi Jane,

      I've had a couple of people show interest (a couple who PM'd who I responded to, who then went silent?!) so at the moment, nobody "owns" the project. I'll happily send you what details I have, and you can see if it appeals :). It'll be later today, hopefully :)

      1 year ago
    • @Paddy Robinson-Griffin
      Thanks Paddy, look forward to hearing more. Jane

      1 year ago
  • Hi Realise 2 months passed so someone probs taken on and generous story but has this evolved and someone taken on. Thanks Nathalie

    1 year ago
    • Hiya, Jane took bagsies so it may be worth checking in with her how she's doing and maybe if she wants any help ;-)

      1 year ago
    • @Paddy Robinson-Griffin Thks Paddy glad been taken.

      1 year ago