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I want to make a music video for free!

Crazy right!? I recently graduated in stop motion and I have always been excited by the prospect of making a music video.

I don't know many people in bands and don't really know where to start. Can anyone advise?

If I do it for free I would like to have creative control. But if commissioned with an idea I would need it to be expenses paid as a minimum.

  • Feel free to email me as my subscription ends soon and I have no idea if I can still see forums after.

    2 weeks ago
  • Hi Gemma,

    Have you tried Bandcamp? The musicians on there are pretty friendly and you can contact them directly. You may not get an instant response.

    Your showreel is great!

    2 weeks ago
    • Thanks Lloyd, kind words.i will indeed check out Bandcamp. 🤗

      2 weeks ago
  • If you open a free basic account at I think you will be able to place a collaboration post for musicians at no cost to you. There are currently 7755 musicians listed on the site.

    2 weeks ago
  • Feel free to pick any of those here (that's a Bandcamp page):
    I don't actually do music anymore but some of my material keeps playing on the radio for some reason.

    2 weeks ago
    • they are not all songs btw, and the songs are quite different among themselves, so you want sneak peak in them all. You probably can skip those named with Greek alphabet characters.

      2 weeks ago
    • if you want to use them, please be in touch with me at

      2 weeks ago