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China, France or USA

It's a known fact that France is the place of artistic innovation. Picasso learned his trade is Paris, Daft Punk changed the world of music and New Wave has been a massive part of the film industry since the start of production.
It's also a known fact that the United States of America is the central hub of the industry. The Globes, The Oscars and every other prestigious award is presented in America. Whether it's Hollywood or New York, America is very influential with both theatrical and production side of things.

However, China is on the rise... with a lot of money. Like they have in the Soccer/Football world, they are expected to make huge investments in the industry, and they're very smart about it. Only 37 foreign pictures allowed each year, inviting movie makers into China to show off its glory for them. Would you make the move into China? Would you stick the the roots of Hollywood and America? Or would you stay within the "dying" European market?

  • I suggest you learn Mandarin.

    2 years ago
  • Yes but China is investing in the US and European sector. They own Legendary Pictures, the own AMC Cinemas, which, in turn, owns Odeon. You don't have to go to China and benefit from Chinese money.

    Also, the European market is not dying. Uk Film Production was at a record last year with $2 billion invested; $1.6 billion coming from the USA. Personally, as a film tech, I don't care where the money comes from that gets invested in this country, so long as it is invested. So, if Disney and Warners want to make a lot of their big budget films here; fine. If HBO and Netflix want to make content here; then fine. Also, working on bigger budget American funded stuff, enables techs to work on smaller budget UK Indie productions that they, otherwise, would not be able to do.

    2 years ago
  • If Europe lost any health, then let us heal it, Sean.

    2 years ago
  • You answered your own question. Only 37 non-Chinese films allowed in. If you want Chinese money, move to America or Canada.

    2 years ago
  • Isn't this just a bit of a pointless question? Who's it directed at? 'Filmmakers'? Producers? Writers?

    It suggests that the only thing that drives filmmakers is money, and that they should go where the cash is. Reality is that most filmmakers live where they live and can only tell the kinds of stories that they can tell.

    Your question is full of generalisations, as Mark and Dan have pointed out. China's 'rise' is due to a whole host of questionable work, trade and investment practises. Do you want to participate in that? Besides, the next 4 years at least are going to see China smashed down as much as possible by an aggressive US administration.

    The French industry is large but it's also boring and inward-looking. It's large because of the huge amount of trash it makes every year that feed the less-sophisticated-than-you-think cinema-going public. As an outsider you simply won't have the access to that cash that nationals do.

    America is America of course, but are you American?

    Big respect for starting this discussion, but stick to who you are and the stories you want to tell. I suspect they are not Chinese, French or American. Nor should you be getting 100 steps ahead of yourself and thinking about how you're going to finance your third feature... These kinds of finance strategies are generally not planned and built. They just happen :-)

    2 years ago
  • And I'd really like to come back about this idea of France being 'the place of artistic innovation'. Have you been?!

    What about London? What about Barcelona, or Madrid? What about Manchester?

    The New Wave happened simultaneously in various different cities - Montreal, London, Paris, New York... and nor did it START in France.

    As much as I love France, the French, the language... I can tell you that France is in no way a powerhouse of artistic innovation anymore. Quite the opposite.

    2 years ago