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Could someone give me feedback on my Acting Showreel?

Dear Shooters,

Please watch my Acting Showreel and feel free to share your opinion and thoughts with me.

I am open to a constructive feedback!

Thank you very much all in advance!


  • This is quite an impressive show-reel! There's certainly a wide array of different emotions at play!

    I think one aspect that I would certainly encourage focusing more on is more a more personal, natural form of expression through your acting. It helps a lot to really dig into your memories for real emotions, that way your performance is much more natural and simply real. Honestly, to go beyond merely performing is what I'd really recommend you do. Don't just perform, really feel and express what your experiencing.

    Hope these are some helpful notes!

    3 months ago
    • Thank you for taking time to watch the reel and for your recommendation, I really appreciate that!

      3 months ago
  • Hi Alexandra, As someone who writes, directs and produces, I have watched my fair share of showreels over the last few years. Actually, I realised at the end of the reel that I'd seen your Charlie Chaplain film (and liked it!). Now, as a filmmaker yourself, I'm not certain what your motivation is for developing your showreel but the one thing that really struck me is the overemphasis on images from period pieces. If it's the case that you are looking for acting work across the board and not just narrowing yourself to historical pieces, I think you need some reels showing off your skills in contemporary settings - which should (imho) include another actor to spar against because presently (other than the opening clip and the discursive between you and your variations) there is nothing to show off your potential which is plentiful just not fully represented. Hope this helps.

    3 months ago
    • Thank you very much for taking the time to watch the reel and make a comment on it. I am looking for acting work across the board and not just narrowing myself to historical pieces. The reel is now emphasised only on images from period pieces but I am planning to enrich it by showing off my potential as an actress on contemporary/alternative character types as well..

      3 months ago
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    2 months ago