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What to put in a message about a job?

Sooooo obviously I have just joined Shooting People and as a new member Id like to make sure I'm up to scratch on the proper way to do things, specifically what to put in a message when applying for a job. This may be an obvious answer but my first thought was to copy and paste my CV in to the box but I was unsure if perhaps something more personnel was required. Perhaps this is dependent on the job or the person I am messaging but I thought before I started applying for every runner job known to man and found out I'd been wasting mine and everyone else's time that I would check on the ...Discuss page as I cant seem to find a FAQ.

I hope this hasn't been answered somewhere else but thanks in advance for any helpful replies.

  • My 2p - keep it brief and to the point. Runners are recruited last and generally at short notice, so whoever is advertising just needs to solve a problem.

    Important to communicate -
    *If you live/have relatives with nearby accommodation
    *Can you drive, do you have a car, are you insuring it for business use?
    *Can you handle cash and take instructions?
    *Any other films you've run on.

    Nobody is bothered about what you did at school, what your hobbies are, that you worked in a chip shop, etc. Hope this helps!

    2 years ago
  • Maybe a link to IMDB or LinkedIn if you have any runner or other credits of note... or offer to send a CV with list of productions you have experience on if they require it.

    2 years ago
  • This is great, thanks guys.

    2 years ago
  • Paddy has more or less covered this, but yes, brief and clear is good, with the key information straight away.

    Then a fuller CV, IMDB page or other info page as a follow up.


    2 years ago